Molding: injection vs compression

How are our products produced?

Rubber molding can be obtained in different ways depending on the need.
Injection moulding: it is preferred for the production of large batches, it uses rubber in continuous strips not preformed, loaded into the machine through a endless screw and injected into the mold through a piston.
This process reduces the vulcanization time of the rubber which is preheated during handling.
The machine injects the rubber to the closed mold, this allows the possibility of applying the vacuum before the injection obtaining the reduce of the waste.

Compression molding
: it is usually used for small production batches, colored ones and with exotic materials. It requires a longer vulcanization time of the rubber than injection molding and more manpower presence as well.

The machining cycle does not require preheating and for this reason it needs more time; the vulcanization occurs exclusively in the mould that is maintained at high pressures and temperatures.

The plastic material is compressed into the cavity of the preheated mould, where it plastifies and gets its shape.

How to choose?
Injection molding is more suitable for more complex parts, while compression molding is a better choice for big basic shapes that cannot be produced with extrusion techniques.

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