The V-Seal is a circular gasket used for axial sealing on rotating shafts, bushings, and bearings. This seal is mounted with interference on the shaft, held in position by the radial compression generated between the two elements, and rotates along with the shaft itself. Its elastic lip rests against the surface of the area to be protected, ensuring excellent sealing against dust, dirt, oil splashes, water, and other fluids.

Tecnica Gasket is capable of developing and proposing custom geometries to meet specific applications.

Key elements of a V-Seal:
1. Body: It is installed with interference on the shaft, creating compression between the two elements.
2. Conical-shaped lip: It ensures axial sealing by sliding against the mating surface such as a flange, shoulder, or bearing.
3. Hinge: It connects the body to the lip, allowing the lip to adapt to the area to be protected.

The V-Seal finds application in various industrial sectors, including:
– Rollers for conveyor belts
– Rolling mills
– Household appliances
– Electrical switches
– Electric motors
– Automobiles
– Pumps
– Machine tools
– Papermaking machines
– Marine equipment

With its versatility and excellent sealing capabilities, the V-Seal is an ideal choice to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance in a wide range of industrial applications.

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