Tecnica Gasket - Company

For over 30 years we have been designing and manufacturing bespoke technical items and gaskets made of rubber, LSR and thermoplastics for every field of use. Every project is focused on the choice of the most suitable material to meet customers’ needs. We rely on two cornerstones: a constant attention to quality and dedication to customers. As far as the first one is concerned, we believe that finding the right material is essential to get an excellent item. This is possible thanks to Tecnica Gasket organization characterized by investments on up-to-date technologies as well as its strong collaboration with suppliers and partners. The second one is the dedication to customers and their customized project. Our goal is to deeply analyze customers’ needs and to satisfy them.

We export our product all over the world and we proudly contribute to the success of the “Made in Italy”. Customers’ specific needs are met thanks to our know how and the following of severe standards according to the requirements of the automotive industry.


Production Process

Particular attention is paid to the production process since each ad-hoc step contributes to the uniqueness of the product. Nothing is left to chance: from the initial project through to the choice of the most suitable material to tooling manufacture and moulding.
During the entire process controls and selections take place to ensure the high quality of the end product.
At each step customers are supported by every department of the company.

1. Technical Department

Thanks to our efficient and skilled team we are able to reach high results. Key element of this team is the Technical Department which is equipped to support the customer at every stage to ensure an outcome that exceeds expectations: from the idea, co-design and tooling manufacture to end product.
Moreover, softwares CAD/CAM enable the transfer of data and improve the synergy between technical department and tooling workshop.

2. Choice of the Material


3. Tooling Manufacturing


4. Moulding


5. Workings and treatments
Tecnica Gasket also follows further workings and treatments - if required - after moulding.


6. R&D

Our laboratory is one of the most important tiles of “Tecnica Gasket mosaic”. It carries out daily research and tests to obtain high-performance gaskets and custom parts according to the required norms as well as feasibility studies to develop customers’ projects into end products. Besides R&D studies, the laboratory controls raw materials and draws up technical documents thanks to up-to-date tools and video-inspection technology.


7. Quality controls
Every company department works following severe qualitative standards to ensure high-quality products. Actually Tecnica Gasket invests money on human and technological resources to follow each step of the production process.


8. Logistics


Customized kits in bespoke packages, bespoke labels according to international norms (VDA, ODETTE), management of returnable packagings are just some examples of our services. Fully traceable national and international deliveries are organized and the Certificate of Conformity EN 10204 - 3.1 is submitted with every delivery. Moreover, a customer care service for confirmed orders is available for our customers’ requests.
The logistics department manages the entire production and distribution cycle granting the full traceability of the production process: from the raw material batch to the delivery one. This is possible thanks to the IT, among which SAP.