Rubber Gasket Technology
Our manufacturing plant as well as our know-how enable us to mould all vulcanized elastomers and thermoplastics on the market. The choice of the most suitable material is essential to get a high-quality product. Standard materials and compounds according to national and international norms as well as automotive specifications are available.


Fluoroelastomers resist to high temperatures, ozone, UV rays, steam, oil, fuel, chemical agents and organic solvents. Moreover they show an excellent compression set and good resistance to water and flame. Their temperature range is between -20°C + 225°C and their hardness is between 50 and 90 Shore A or IRHD. Fluoroelastomers are used for applications that require excellent elastic properties when exposed to deformations together with resistance to high temperatures and chemical inertia. Thanks to their properties fluoroelastomers are widely used for rubber seals that work in extreme conditions.
Fields of use: automotive, chemical and aerospace industry.

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Es. VMQ 80 FDA
Vulcanizing Agent
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