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Our manufacturing plant as well as our know-how enable us to mould all vulcanized elastomers and thermoplastics on the market. The choice of the most suitable material is essential to get a high-quality product. Standard materials and compounds according to national and international norms as well as automotive specifications are available.


This elastomer,introduced to the market in 1975 by the Asahi Glass Company under the name Aflas, has an extremely broad range of resistances, such as strong resistance to mineral oils, gas, acids and strong alkalis, bases, ozone and the weather, hot water and steam, alcohols, amine corrosion inhibitors, water-based drill oils and completion fluids, high pH completion fluids and high-energy ionising radiation. It is also highly gas-impermeable. In addition, electrical insulation is better than that of FKM. However, FEPM is not resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organic acetates and organic refrigerant liquids. It is frequently used in the chemical and oil industries.

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Es. VMQ 80 FDA
Vulcanizing Agent
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